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Industries We Support

Food Processing

Facilities supporting conversion of raw ingredients into food products with adherence to strict sanitation standards. This includes equipment to process, grind, wash, pasteurize, and add components to food.


Facilities for fabricating the essential components of semiconductors, including melting processes. Adherence to requirements for working in controlled environments and with pure elements such as silicon.

Industrial Manufacturers

Facilities supporting large-scale industry including the production of machinery, tools, chemicals and other products. Infrastructure to support high-power needs and safety mechanisms associated with converting raw materials into goods.


Governmental buildings, including adherence to strict safety requirements and other mandatory operational regulations.


Educational facilities including schools, administrative buildings, and all underlying infrastructure to support operations.

Ifrastructure - Waste Water Treatment

Underlying structure, including piping and filtering mechanisms, to support operations in wastewater treatment plants.

Medical & Research Facilities

High-tech laboratories and testing facilities with controlled environments and stringent safety and sanitation requirements.

Commercial & Tennant Improvements

Improvements to commercial buildings property-wide or in isolation for specific tenants, including new construction, updates and replacements, plumping, and electrical.

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