RM Mechanical’s industry expertise provides owners, design teams, and construction managers with preliminary planning and engineering to develop the scope, cost, and schedules to execute capital projects. Listening, collaborating, and contributing to the conceptual project design through the program phasing cycle is our distinctive attribute. We utilize industry best practices, value analysis, life-cycle cost, and reliability analysis to incorporate accurate budgets. By integrating our extensive history and our software resources, RM will provide valid input for MEP construction schedules.

Experience Advantage

Scope Development

Our preconstruction teams do a variety of work when developing scope.

  • Review architectural content and analyze underground plumbing, HVAC, and process systems
  • Review environmental conditions and requirements for comfort HVAC and plumbing system
  • Work closely with the owner concerning process system integrations with the conceptual core and shell structure
  • Establish mechanical equipment lists and specifications that reflect codes and regulations encountered within the confines of the project location(s)
  • Define the parameters of local authority requirements to ensure project location is viable
  • Continue collaboration with all trade partners and begin the conceptual 2D/3D drawings

Design and Cost Analysis

We integrate project-specific designs with the architect’s teams, as well as other disciplines throughout teams, for cost delivery services. As scope is developing or if scope is defined, our cost analysis team provides meticulous cost breakouts. With continued collaboration and specific dialogue, our industry specialists provide feedback and cost alternatives for design analysis, value analysis, and constructability analysis to take the scope to the next feasible level. In our experience, continued cost analysis participation is required throughout the life cycle of industrial projects. If budgets are constrained, a new design analysis and cost analysis can be engineered and provided for partial buildouts. As BIM/VDC is finalized, a firm GMP or fixed price is established.

BIM/ VDC 3D and 4D Schedule

Schedules are provided by system, level, and area. Mechanical and process equipment lead times are established by vendors or by using historical data. Our experience with a variety of projects allows our team to understand and implement true construction timelines inclusive of startup, commissioning, functional tests, and final operations. With the progression of the project’s BIM/VDC, our teams will establish micro schedules and establish fabrication areas that minimize the project schedule’s durations. Fabrication and schedule reduction also reduces budgets, hence the continuation of cost analysis through the entire lifecycle.